Things To Consider When Buying Gadgets At Circle’s Tiptoe Lane

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Circle’s tip toe lane is one of the hotspot for mobile phones , computer and its accessories , clothes (new and used) , black market forex bureau , just a few to mention in Accra.

Tip Toe lane is also known to be housing some of the notorious and smartest swindlers. Not everybody who transacts a business there comes home very happy. It’s either what you newly acquired gets stolen before you get home , the dealer sold a fake product to you or your wallet gets stolen.

We have put together some basic things to consider when transacting business at Circle’s Tiptoe lane.

Don’t buy gadgets from the street or road side vendors.

Buying gadgets from the roadside or street vendors is not safe. These particular vendors have a bad street credibility of selling fake , faulty or stolen gadgets to customers. Though their prices are very cheap compared to the stores , we recommend you buy from the stores where you will be given receipts , warranties and all accessories that come with the gadget. In any case of a faulty device or missing accessory , you can return to the shop with the receipt to demand for a refund or change of product.

Don’t keep your wallet in the back of your pocket or where it can be easily reached.

Like we did state in the introduction of this article , Circle’s Tip toe lane is filled with swindlers or what Ghanaians locally term as ‘Kwashey Boys’. Lots of people who use that route to and after work or school or come there to transact business(es) have experienced this bad trip. It’s best you keep your wallet in a compartment which is not easily reachable.

Avoid being touched by people who claim to be selling goods at very low prices.

Some of these vendors are also part time swindlers. These vendors/swindlers use voodoo or juju to sell their products and also rob you off your gadgets or money. When using the stretch where they normally assemble , some of these dealers will walk up to you with the product and try to convince you to buy it.

This is where the juju or voodoo comes to play . These dealers hypnotize you as soon as they get your attention. Avoid giving them attention or eye contacts. That’s how you will be caught in the web. When you get hypnotized by these evil guys , you turn into a robot. Whatever they say to you , you will act accordingly.

Remember to charge gadgets for at least an hour right after purchase before you leave the store.

Charge newly acquired gadgets at least an hour right after purchase before you leave the store. Some of these gadgets sold to customers often have faulty charging systems , bad battery health b and other malfunctioning features. It’s very ideal to charge these gadgets so as to detect these faults before you get home.  Returning these faulty products to some of these dealers is often not successful.

Ask questions if you notice anything suspicious.

If there’s anything suspicious you find on the device , make the dealer aware. Make them uncomfortable by standing firm on what you have noticed. This is how you will go home with a good product. These dealers are sweet talkers so be extra careful.

Be very careful when buying used gadgets.

Like we have elaborated on swindlers in some of the points , be very careful when buying used products at tip toe lane. Used products are normally faulty and repaired phones , stolen products or fake products.

Faulty and repaired phones are very low efficient with a high tendency of getting faulty again. Stolen products can be tracked with the help of the phone’s IMEI number even if the phone is resetted or formated. Acquiring such a product can land you in jail when its tracked and found.

Be very vigilant during transactions

Open and shine your eyes when buying devices especially phones from these street vendors at Tiptoe lane. There’s a very popular robbing method used over there. These swindlers/vendors exchange products sold to these customers with stone or soap or any invaluable object with equal lbs as the device. We will explain in a different post , intoto of how this move is undertaken.

Prepare a checklist for the product you intend buying.

Depending on what gadget you are buying, there are some core checks and diagnosis a buyer has to perform to make sure everything is intact.

Let’s take an iPhone for instance,  after booting the phone , do charge the phone for an hour. If you don’t have enough time on your hand , 30 mins will do. This is to check the health of the battery , the charging system and the genuity of the charger.

After , take a tour through the settings. Insert a sim into the phone and try dial a number. This is to check if phone is unlocked or locked. After , configure internet settings to test browsing system. Don’t forget to connect to a WiFi also.

Check for memory capacity and model of phone since most of the iphone models are identical.

In conclusion , simply scrutinize the settings properly for phone specifications.

It’s ideal to buy from referrals or recommended dealers.

Buying from trusted dealers also guarantees the acquisition of proper functioning device. Though we don’t recommend buying from roadside or street vendors , there are a few legit ones in there. The best way to find these genuine people is through referrals or recommendations by people who have performed numerous transactions with them.


There are some other minor tips to consider but these are the core. We hope this helps you transact smoothly and safely at Circle’s Tiptoe lane.

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