This Is What The ‘SE’ in iPhone SE Stands For

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According to analysis, SE is the abbreviation of “special edition”.

The meaning of this English phrase is “special edition”. In short, iPhone SE stands for an Apple special edition iPhone, which is mainly used to describe the screen size of this iPhone.

Why did Apple launch a special edition iPhone SE?

This is mainly the iPhone product line and strategy. Starting with the iPhone 6, Apple iPhones started to focus on 4.7-inch/5.5-inch large-screen iPhones, abandoning the previous 4-inch small-screen models.

As the growth of sales of large-screen phones slowed down, some small-screen phones launched by many manufacturers gradually began to be liked by consumers. In order to increase sales, Apple also launched a small-screen version of the iPhone, and the SE version came into being.

In order not to conflict with the naming of the next-generation iPhone 7, the small screen version is named iPhone SE.

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