2023 Top 10 Games On Android Smartphones

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Arguably, paid games are mostly among the best games on Android. Free games try to make money via sometimes annoying advertisements or by forcing you to spend money on in-app features.

Game developers sometimes use an unfair difficulty curve for people who are not willing to spend real money.

Regardless, we have gathered an exclusive list of the Best Games on Android smartphones.

Clash of Clans, FIFA Mobile, Asphalt 8 are one of the few games which will make tons of money via in-app purchases by making it very difficult to complete the game.

They suddenly increase difficulty or introduce items, powers, characters which only a lucky player or a player who is willing to spend real money can get.

Check out the list of great games (in no particular order) you can entertain yourself with from the Google Play Store.

  1. NFS-Most Wanted.

  2. Leo’s Fortune.

  3. The Room Trilogy

  4. Hitman Sniper

  5. Hitman/Lara Croft/Deus Ex Go.

  6. Cut the rope series.

  7. Monument Valley.

  8. The End of the World.

  9. Atomas.

  10. Rust Bucket.



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