Top 10 Spying Apps to Monitor Your Cheating Spouse

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We are going to share the Top 10 Spy Apps on Android and iPhone. These were the most advanced yet easy to use phone monitoring applications that allow you to get into other’s smartphone or spouse’s device should you suspect any cheating.

Hopefully, you will find the one that’s most suitable for you. However, it’ll be better if you look for a safe and fast application to register a device as quickly as possible. You do not need to root their device to use this method. It supports all Android devices and does not require any background knowledge to perform it.


Safespy makes it much easier for you to get into your spouse’s device with the help of its advanced features. You can get access to the targeted device with this application without letting them know.

Safespy’s features have some great potential to track a device remotely. It allows you to track the live location of the device. Additionally, you can read all the messages sent or received by that device. If you need additional support, there is a keylogger that records the passwords of all the social media accounts on that device.

Download ‘Safespy’ Here


If you want a secure platform to monitor your spouse’s device, there is no better option than Spyier. It has an encrypted server that protects the user data from all the attacks. Additionally, you can find some amazing features on this website.

Although it does not have such a large user base, it can still help you monitor an android or iPhone device. Hence, you can end your search here and choose this application for a safe experience.

Download ‘Spyier’ Here


As we promised earlier, here is the most effective application to track someone’s activities. Minspy offers the safest way to get into your spouse’s device without letting them know. This application has an interesting way of retrieving data from the targeted device.

More than a million users trust Minspy’s application as it gives you control over the targeted device. By logging into your online account, you can see their messages, location, browsing history, and much more. It has all the advanced features to gather someone’s data with a single device.

Advantages of using Minspy

Affordable: This application is available at the lowest price in the phone monitoring market.
Advanced features: Advanced features like stealth mode and location tracker makes it the perfect application for everyone.
Secure: It has an encrypted system that protects your data from everyone.

Download Minspy Here


Spyine is one of the most advanced applications to monitor a device. You can easily track your spouse’s device while protecting your identity with its stealth mode.

Additionally, Spyine has a keylogger feature that is offered by other applications at a much higher price. With this feature, you can track every text being typed on the targeted device. It means that you can save their passwords or even deleted messages of that device. You can always visit its official website for more information.

Download ‘Spyine’ Here


Spyic was originally launched for parents to keep track of their kid’s activities. However, you can still keep an eye on your spouse’s activities by using its features. We love the location tracker of this platform as it comes with a 3D map that shows every location clearly.

The best part is- You do not need assistance to set up this application. Just refer to its installation guide to learn to use its features.

Download ‘Spyic’ Here


Even though there’s a bunch of applications that allow you to track your spouse’s device, there is no faster application than Neatspy. Not only this application is quick and easy to use, it has all the features that need to track someone.

You do not need to touch the targeted device to use this application. All you need to do is enter its iCloud credentials in the registration process.

Download ‘Neatspy’ Here


Spyzie was introduced as an application to track someone’s live location. However, the latest update of this application has introduced many features to help you monitor a device’s activities. It has a social media spy to check the conversations from all the famous platforms.

Additionally, there is no need to root or jailbreak the device. Up to 30 features are now available on Spyzie like WhatsApp, Call logs, SMS, Stealth Mode, and much more. Therefore, you can trust Spyzie and get into your spouse’s device.

Download ‘Spyzie’ Here


Cocospy is an excellent application for people with technical knowledge. It has a lot of advanced features that can do in-depth phone tracking online. We love this application because it has an advanced keylogger to record the keystrokes of any device.

You can even get iPhone data with its keylogger. If you are new to phone monitoring, you must know that applications rarely provide this tool for iPhone devices.

Download ‘Cocospy’ Here


Although this application is designed to monitor your kid’s smartphone, it can still do a pretty good job spying on your spouse. Professionals recommend this application because it has a parental control feature.

This feature improves your phone monitoring experience by providing additional access to the device.

Download ‘TeenSafe’ Here


FoneMonitor is another application when it comes to monitoring device activities. FoneMonitor works perfectly and allows you to fully use the advanced features provided by it.

Additionally, FoneMonitor offers some advanced features that come in handy and easy to understand for everyone.

Download ‘FoneMonitor’ Here

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