How to Unlock Your Suspended Twitter Account

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Twitter accounts could be temporarily locked or suspended if they are compromised or in violation of Twitter rules or terms of service.

Should in case you login and see that your account is suspended or limited, here are some of the steps to follow to unlock your Twitter account.

How to get your Twitter account back if it is locked

Twitter can lock an account if it finds suspicious activity or if the account has been compromised. The micro-blogging website also locked or suspends Twitter accounts if there is a violation of Twitter rules or terms. You need to follow the steps below in order to get your Twitter account unlocked.

To unlock your account:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account
  • Step 2: Look for the message letting you know that your account has been locked.
  • Step 3: Click/ Tap on Start
  • Step 4: Enter your registered phone number associated with the account.
  • Step 5: Enter the verification code that will be sent to the registered contact number.
  • Step 6: Hit Submit.

After Twitter will send instructions to the associated email address for other confirmation.

How to get your Twitter account back if you have violated Twitter rules

Twitter has a strict policy when it comes to violations of its rules and terms of service.

The company can limit the account’s features in such a case. For example, you can browse Twitter but you will not be able to engage with other accounts. This means you cannot tweet, retweet, or like. You can only engage via Direct Messages and your followers will be able to see your past tweets.

Twitter will also ask you to verify your email address, adding a phone number to your account, or deleting tweets that are in violation of its rules.

To restore your account, log in and look for the message letting you know “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features”.

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