Twitter rollout live audio-chat feature called ‘Spaces’

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Twitter Inc has announced its new live audio feature, ‘Space’ which will be made available to all its users by April.

Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter and its set to compete with Clubhouse App, which is an invite-only audio-based social network startup that shot to fame after appearances from tech celebrities Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

For now, only people on mobile devices can follow Spaces conversations, as it’s not available via webpage. With Twitter Space, anyone can join as a Listener, including people who don’t follow you.

A space can take up to 11 people (including the Host) and listeners can request permission to speak from the Host by tapping on the Request icon.

Listeners can be directly invited into a Space by DMing them a link to the Space, Tweeting out a link, or sharing a link elsewhere.

How to start a Twitter Spaces conversation

Follow these steps:

  • Update or Upgrade your Twitter app and Open the on your phone;
  • Press and hold the “Compose Tweet” button;
  • Press the new Spaces icon on the far left;
  • You can also tap your profile image in Fleets, scroll to the far right, and tap Spaces.
  • The user can also select who can join with speaking privileges by choosing from “Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you invite to speak,” which lets the user send DM invites.

You can edit your Twitter Spaces room name and allow Share transcriptions (only available in English for now).

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