Your Fitbit and Google Fit numbers can now be checked by Google Assistant.

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The Nest Hub was updated earlier this month to include greater Google Fit and Fitbit integration. You can now ask Google Assistant about your Fitbit and Google Fit statistics.

Google Fit and Fitbit integration with Google Assistant started rolling out earlier this week and should now be more widely available. Go to Assistant settings > Wellness > Activity to get started. Both services can be coupled, but only one of them can be used at the same time. Disconnecting is straightforward in the meantime.

You may ask questions like these after installing Assistant on your phone (Android and iOS) and Nest Hub (which works with all Google Smart Displays we tested).

  • How many steps did I take today/last week?
  • What’s my heart rate today? — Resting heart rate. In the case of Fitbit, you also get Exercise zones (Peak, Cardio, and Fat burn minutes).
  • How many calories did I burn?

On both form factors, the answers display as cards with an icon and a “Data from” line. Data is “based on your latest sync,” Assistant will say.

Currently, none of this data is displayed proactively on Smart Displays, but this may change in the future. The Wellness tab on the second-generation Nest Hub already displays sleep-related cards such as stats and advice.

All of this happens as Fitbit’s integration with Google devices improves. The Pixel Watch will be released this fall, as will Sleep Sensing on the Nest Hub (2nd gen) with Fitbit Premium.

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