Zeepay expands its Mobile Money Services to The Gambia

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Finetech platform, Zeepay has expanded its operations to The Gambia following regulatory approval.

The remittance company will introduce its mobile money services to businesses and citizens in The Gambia.

Zeepay allows users to send and receive money, both domestically and internationally through Mobile Money and that’s the service Gambians will enjoy.

Their partnership with MoneyGram, will enable Gambians to receive money directly into their Zeepay wallet and send money to over 150 countries conveniently.

Founder of Zeepay commented on the development and said, “Zeepay’s mission is to bring financial services to underserved communities, and we are thrilled to bring our cutting-edge mobile money solutions to Gambia and further drive financial inclusion for all.”

“Our innovative fintech platform opens up the local market and creates interoperability between wallet-to-bank and bank-to-wallet transactions, making financial services accessible to everyone.” he added.

Zeepay now operates in Zambia, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

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