What A Duty Free Shop Means And It’s Purpose At Airports

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Duty Free means that the items within the store are free of duty, or value added tax (or similar taxes). This is because duty free stores are located airside in airports which means you have (sort of) left the country already.

Duty free stores don’t constantly offer the best costs. This is on the grounds that Duty free stores need to make the most out of direct clients going through air terminals. There might be a couple of good ideas to a great extent yet for the most part duty free stores don’t offer astounding discounts as you would anticipate.

Travelers for the most part have a great deal of time to spend at air terminals. Duty free stores offer travelers retail treatment.

In any case, all in all, they are commonly costly. Try not to get tricked by their celebrated idea of selling things without duty, as 9/10 times the offer isn’t that extraordinary/

In other words ,for all goods that are being carried across international borders, the government levies a customs duty tax on those. This Customs Duty Tax is what we call as ‘Duty’. For international travellers and tourists, the governments authorise certain point of sale where brands can sell their products, without the above mentioned duty.

This is because if a person has been in a foreign country for over 48 hours or will be going to a foreign country after the purchase, he/she is exempt from this duty. Such Duty free shops are generally and most commonly located at all the International airports and Seaports – The common entry and exit points of a country

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