Likely Questions Asked At The US Embassy During Interview

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The interview at the US Embassy isn’t like an exam with predetermined and preset questions hence don’t search for any ‘past’ or ‘practice’ questions.

The consular interviewing you determines at his/her discretion the sort of question to ask you once you show up for the interview, the questions however are premised on the data you supplied in your form and your actual intentions for traveling to the US.

Once the consular asks the primary question, which might be ‘Why do you want to go to the US? (remember this is often not cast in stone so it might be another question) your response to the primary question usually dictates the direction of the remaining questions.

The questions aren’t plenty hence the consular May determine your application by just asking one question only (yes, only one question) and therefore the consular May ask more questions as he/she deems necessary to reach conclusion on whether you qualify at that time in time


Ensure you are truthful in your form to the simplest of your ability, this provides you natural confidence to reply to questions arising from the data you present

Your social and economic circumstances should be such you’ll afford the visit

Consulars know the generic and customary lies related to many candidates so avoid telling any of these lies, trust me they need heard it all before

The consulars don’t hate you and that they aren’t judging you by your suaveness or intellect but by the circumstances you present and represent before them.

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