How Much Money You Will Need To Apply For Canadian Student Visa

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  1. First you apply Universities Canada Study Programs Database
  2. Then you get a provisional acceptance, awaiting
  3. That you deposit TWO years worth of student fees and price of living to a Canadian bank
  4. Assume you need from CAD 45,000 to CAD 150,000 depending on what you study and where you study.
    After confirming that your money is within the bank, the admissions office will notify Canadian Immigration and you’ll be fully accepted and given a Canadian Student permit.

Note : No money to the Canadian bank, no admittance, no student permit and no studies in Canada.

Even if you’re taking a shorter study-course , you MUST deposit fees and cost of living BEFORE you get a student permit.

Note, studying for less than TWO years offer you NO RIGHT to remain in Canada after graduation, just for a couple of months at the foremost .

A short term study program isn’t how TO BYPASS the immigration procedure.

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