How To Prevent Your Car Batteries From Being Stolen By Thieves

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Stealing of car batteries has become a rampant activity by car burglars in Ghana. Curbing this act of theirs hasn’t birthed any reasonable preventive measure. Based on personal experience , we are sharing information on how to prevent thieves from stealing your batteries.  These tips are very easy to accomplish.

Use Wing Nut Battery Terminals

If a highly motivated thief wants your battery bad enough they will get it. To prevent these thieves from stealing the battery out of your car you have to put quick connects on the battery cables and wing nuts on the hardware that holds it in the battery tray. (So you don’t need tools to remove it )

Then everytime you leave your vehicle unattended just quickly unhook the battery and take it out and carry it with you everywhere you go so that it is never out of your sight.

Wire Your Hood Or Bonnet To The Alarm System

Any mechanical device such as chains and brackets with locks can be defeated. It just takes more time and effort. An alternative is to wire the hood to your vehicle’s alarm system, if your car is so equipped; if not, buy an alarm system locally or from that auction site which is very inexpensive.

Securing Your Battery With Pins And Locks

Most of the time the thieves will return because they know that you will have installed a brand new battery in your car.

The pins with locks is also another best protection for your car. Of course anything can be defeated but the locks will make these thieves move on to the next car. An outside light will also help.

In a case where you want to disconnect your battery to prevent thieves from stealing it , kindly follow the steps below.

1 – Find the battery.

2 – Locate the negative terminal. The terminal will have a – sign beside it. If the battery has posts, the – post has a smaller diameter than the + post. If you have a side post (GM) battery the – and + will be marked in the plastic.

3 – Disconnect the – terminal with the right tools and tuck it out of the way.

4 – Disconnect the + terminal. Finished!

Note : To install a battery, reverse the steps.

  • As far as safety is concerned, as long as you remove the – connector first there is no electrical danger.
  • There is probably some sulfuric acid contamination on the battery.
  • Do not rub your eyes and do not stick your finger up your nose.
  • Wash your hands BEFORE urinating.

Hope these tips help. Stay safe.

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