How To Start A Profitable Business With 2,000GHC In Ghana

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If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a business in Ghana, this post will shed light on some business opportunities you should explore.

First of all , let’s delve into the current nature of the Ghanaian economy. Ghana is one of the countries with the fastest growing economy in Africa. Now you may want to know the potentials and fundamentals of doing business in Ghana. With a strong mineral resources sector, cocoa industry, consistent government policy, recent oil discoveries, steady power supply, friendly business environment and a free trade zone for foreign companies; Ghana is definitely a country to beat in the future.

But despite the rapid growth and reformation that the country is enjoying, the country is still falling short in many aspects. And this has opened the door of opportunities to entrepreneurs who are smart enough to identify these loopholes and deal with them.

Below are some oppotunities you can explore;

  1. Agarbatti Perfumery Compounds With Formulations
  2. Air Freshners/Room Freshner (Odonil Type) Solid And Liquid Form)
  3. Ayurvedic And Unani Pharmacy
  4. Bakery Unit (Pastries, Bread, Buns, Cake, Toffee Etc.)
  5. B.O.P.P. Self Adhesive Tapes
  6. Chocolate
  7. Cold Drinks
  8. Coolant (Engine)
  9. Detergent Powder
  10. Fruit Juice, Jam, Jellies And Allied Products
  11. Grease Manufacturing
  12. Hand Washing Detergent Powder Using The Dry Mix Process Including Formula Of Different Types Qualities (Low/Medium/High Cast)
  13. Herbal Hair Oil (Ayurvedic) Like Banphool Oil
  14. Hospital Disposable Products Like Face Mask, Caps, Surgical Gown, Drape, Apron, Shoe Cover Etc.
  15. Jam, Jelly, Chutney, Pickles And Squashes
  16. Led Lamps And Tubes Assembling Unit
  17. Match Box Industry
  18. Mosquito Coil Using Eucalyptus Leaves
  19. Note Book And Registers Etc
  20. Pan Masala & Chewing Tobacco
  21. Paper Shopping Bags
  22. Pet Bottles From Pre Form (Capsules)
  23. Plastic Waste Recycling Unit
  24. Sanitary Napkins (Semi-Automatic Unit)
  25. Scouring Bar
  26. Spices Mill And Packaging
  27. Surgical Cotton, Roller Bandage And Crepe Bandage
  28. Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Hand Dishwasher Liquid
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