2023 BECE CSSPS Placement release date announced

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The spokesperson for the Ministry of Education has announced the release date for the 2022 BECE Placement.

The government is eager to allow first-year Senior High School (SHS) students to start studies early, Mr. Kwasi Kwarteng noted.

Students will therefore be assigned to their respective secondary schools earlier than in previous years when the BECE results were released.

The CSSPS Placement may be announced in February 2023 rather than March, he revealed.

“This year, the placement will be quite earlier. Instead of March, we are looking at February so that students can get to school quite earlier,” Mr Kwarteng added.

He urged all 2022 BECE candidates to check online to view their school placements after they have been released and shared that there will be manual provisions in place for students who are unable to get schools via the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).

He gave the assurance that when school placements are announced, further details will be made public.


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