Oraimo’s SoundFull Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker Is Value For Money

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The purpose of a good sound system is to amplify audio signals and providing an equivalent output from the speaker system that listeners will hear. For a clean and clear amplification of sound for whatever content that contains audio, you need a good sound system to perform this task.

A bad sound can cause discomfort in your ear and also worsen your sensitivity sound. Therefore, it is imperative to settle on quality audio equipment especially for your homes since this article will be limited to that only.

The type of audio equipment we will be delving into in this post is the sound-bar.

What Is A Sound Bar

A Sound Bar envelopes several speakers and the electronics to power them in one thin enclosure that you can connect to your TV, Laptop and Mobile Device. The slim, elongated-shaped device doesn’t require a receiver to function or sync with a device.

What Are The Type Of SoundBars

  • 2.0 Soundbar
  • 3.0 Soundbar
  • 2.1 and 3.1 Soundbars
  • Surround Sound Soundbars
  • Dolby Atmos Soundbars
  • 5.1 and 7.1 Soundbar Systems with Rear Speakers

What Is A SoundBar Used For

A soundbar is used for improving the sound of your TV. Most television speakers don’t offer great sound. Installing a soundbar can be a quick and effective way of getting better sound for movies and TV shows.

Are Soundbars Value For Money

Yes of course, they are.

Soundbars are affordable and aesthetically pleasing for home entertainment setups that provide great sound and refreshing atmosphere. They are easy to use and set up, and are intuitively designed to work with all of the latest technology.

What Are Some Of The Best Soundbar Brands

The soundbar production market is quite saturated these day. According to Amazon, the selling sound bars are from brands like Polk Audio, Majority, VIZIO, Bose, TCL, Yamaha, Sony and Samsung. These are established names from the world of home electronics, which offer a range of soundbars from budget to high-end.

For someone who can’t afford these high end brands, there some unpopular brands from the world of home audio that make excellent soundbars and Oraimo is one.

Oraimo is a smart accessories brand i have grown fond of in recent time. The United Arab Emirates based company was established on May, 2013 by group of people who believe in the spirit of exploring. Not very long ago, i reviewed one of their models of smart watches called the Tempo 1S Smartwatch which i described as a better alternative to the Apple iWatch. Other Oraimo products i have tried and tested are the Neckless 3 Lite (Ear Piece) and the Toast 10 PD (Power bank).

As someone who likes to try new things, i was keen on trying one particularly product of theirs which they had recently introduced, that is the SoundFull OBS – 91D. 

What Is The SoundFull OBS – 91D

The Oraimo SoundFull OBS-91D is a wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with a True Wireless Stereo pairing function, AUX Input, USB Disk and TF Card Play Function Support. The Dual 8w full-range driver fills your whole room with stunning sound for an immersive at-home music or movie experience.

The device is manufactured with high-quality materials and beautifully crafted with a vacuum coating switch, a smooth surface and clean lines that ensures the sleek beauty blends into the background yet still draws attention for it’s minimalist refinement. IT COMES IN ONLY BLACK.

How To Position The Soundbar

The soundbar can be placed anywhere in your room provided your device is connected to it via bluetooth, TF Card Play and USB Function Support. At just 2.4 inches tall, the soundbar fits comfortably under the TV without obstructing your view.

Long-Lasting Battery

A 2000mAh lithium-ion battery keeps your tunes playing for up to 12.5 hours on a single charge. Yes almost 13hours.

Easy Controls

Elegantly rotate the delicate vacuum coating switch to turn on your SoundFull. Then play, pause, skip tracks, and control your phone calls with the simple tap of top controls.

Versatile Input Options

Connect wirelessly using advanced BT to play music, answer calls, and more. An aux or a memory card slot allows you to plug in and play.

You can also pair two SoundFull to make full stereo sound or to double the volume while controlling both soundbars through a single device. Amazing huh?

How To Connect The SoundBar To Your TV

The right way will usually depend on the connection types supported by your TV and soundbar. With input options like the Bluetooth and AUX, the soundbar is sure to support any advance television with any of the aforementioned input options.

What Is The Price Of The Oraimo Soundfull Soundbar

The Oraimo Soundfull Soundbar cost 250GH Cedis but i bought mine at a discounted rate of 150GH Cedis. Orders can be placed via Oraimo’s Ghana Official Eshop : https://gh.oraimo.com/

Orders above 90 cedis have the benefit of free shipping. Delivery is free.

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