How to Apply for Twitter Verification as an Organization

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Organizations can now apply for verification on Twitter and manage affiliate accounts. To qualify, an organization must provide a matching active Twitter account, current organization email address, and current website domain when they sign up.

An organization must have access to and manage the matching active account they wish to verify. They will be required to authenticate their account after a new subscription.

According to Twitter, the Verified Organizations portal is designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. The new tool will help users add and remove affiliated accounts, and manage your billing all in one place.

  • Visit the verification page, here
  • If your organization is granted access after Twitter reviews the application, you’ll be notified (via email) that your account is ready to activate.
  • Follow the link in your activation email.
  • This will take you to an authentication page where you’ll be asked to log in through your organization’s Twitter account.
  • Agree to any Terms and Conditions.
  • After you activate your account, you’ll be taken to a page where you can add your payment details via our payment provider Stripe.
  • Enter your billing details.
  • After payment for the Verified Organizations subscription, your account will be ready to use and you can begin adding affiliated accounts.

How to verify Affiliate Accounts on Twitter

  • Click Add accounts in the Verified Organizations portal
  • A popup will appear where you can search for any account on Twitter.
  • You can add as many affiliates as you want. These accounts must be related to your account and conform to our Purchaser Terms of Service.
  • To add an affiliate click the “Send Invite” button.
  • When you send an invite, the affiliated user will be notified (via email and push notification) that you have invited them to join.
  • They will be added to the “Pending” tab in the Portal.
  • Once the user accepts, they will immediately get a checkmark and affiliate badge, and they will move from the “Pending” tab to the “Accounts” tab.

Removing Affiliate Accounts

  • You can remove affiliated accounts quickly and easily by clicking the “X” remove button in the row next to any affiliated account.
  • You’ll be prompted to confirm with “Are you sure you want to remove @handle?”
  • Clicking “Yes, do it” will immediately remove both verification and affiliation badges for the affiliated account.

Note: The removed affiliated account will lose verification and affiliation but you will continue to be billed for the affiliated account until the end of the next billing cycle for that account.

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