Twitter users can now only read 600 posts per day due to temporary limit

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Unfortunately Twitter users can now only read a number of tweets per day due to the temporary limit initiated by Elon Musk.

In a tweet, the CEO of Twitter announced that unverified Twitter accounts can read up to 600 posts a day, verified accounts can read up to 6,000 posts a day, while newly unverified accounts can only see 300 posts per day.

This comes after users trying to access the Twitter app were met with an error message saying, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.”

According to Twitter, the new feature was due to “extreme levels” of data scrapping and system manipulation.

Mr Musk bought the company last year for $44bn (£35bn) after much back and forth. Soon after taking over, he decided to cut the workforce from just under 8,000 staff to about 1,500.


Following heavy backlash from users and top influencers, Elon Musk has update the rate limit for users.

“Rate limits increasing soon to 8000 for verified, 800 for unverified & 400 for new unverified,” the Tesla CEO twitted.

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