WhatsApp now allows you to restore Accidental Deleted Messages

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Social messaging platform, WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows users to restore deleted messages on the platform.

The new feature called “Accidental Delete” gives users a five-second timeframe to restore messages that were mistakenly delete.

In terms of deleting messages, WhatsApp permits users to select options such as: “Delete For Me”, which hides the message from yourself but visible for others and “Delete for everyone” which erases the messages totally.

Those options did not allow users to restore messages, but with the new “Accidental Delete” feature, users will now have a five-second window to undo delete.

How ‘Accidental Delete’ Works

An “Undo” button automatically appears when a user selects “Delete for me” on a message.

The feature is now officially rolling out across iOS and Android.

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